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POA Premier pics

Wow talk about quite alot of pics for this one....geesh.

I got a kick out of an interview that Empire posted today.

But with Rowling halfway through book six and only one more chapter in Harry's life planned after that, what's in store for our teenage hero? "I've got a theory," says Radcliffe. "I think Harry's going to die. The way I see it, he and Voldemort are connected and you can kill one without killing the other. That's how it's all going to end."

"Daniel said that?" Asks Rowling, when Empire passes on the theory. "I'll be having a word with him."
oh and if you havent seen the pics over on's the link.|1|90|1|50896011|0|0|0|0|&p=3

there's 16 pages of pics on there although a bit blurry ones you definately need to check out are some very cute ones of Dan and Emma.

Also don't you love the scruffy look Thewlis has???? I know I do.
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