Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

For all old time GH fans...

I use to watch this show faithfully every afternoon since it was on during one of my old free periods in high school at the time....not to mention when Rick Springfield then John Stamos were on. I grew up and had to work but once in a while I am able to see it when I have a day off work.
For any of you who were fans at 1 point in time you may remember Lila Quartermain and you also may have heard that she passed on 2 weeks ago. Heartbreaking news it was for me.....all though I don't watch it anymore she was 'the granny'.
Well July 16th they will be having a funeral for her on the show as a tribute for what a wonderful woman she was....tear jerking time. Along with this ABC is also contacting all the old characters and asking them to come back for this. So far the only one I have heard that will be back for it is the girl who played Robin. There are rumors that other characters will be back but nothing is definate on their returns as of yet. Wouldn't it be great to see all the old favs such as Tiffany, Shawn, Frisco, or even Scotty back again? Hell maybe they'll even bring back R.Springfield (I don't think he's doing anything today so he has time).

As soon as I hear more of the returning cast list I'll let you all know if you want.
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