Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Work Reputations.

I'm sure everyone has different people in their offices that have reputations whether it's the quiet one, trusting one, big mouth, bitch, butt picker, crotch scratcher, and of coarse slut. Well today I learned that not only am I the one who people can tell things too (which I've known for years) but I have a new reputation.

We have this big customer, I can't say the name of the company lets just say it's a big grocery chain. Anyway they have been on almost every desk in our department and never got along with the CSR's. Some of them were even crying because of this one woman at this company. She has chewed the asses of my supervisor, the salesman, the director of operations, and the VP of operations. Well last week she went to my supervisor again and insisted on a new contact. He told her that he has someone who has been working the Northeast/New England territories for 3 years and if she (the woman working for our customer) gives me any sort of attitude then the rep. has full permission to give it right back to her.

I'm sure you can guess who their new contact it. What my supervisor didn't tell her is that if he finds out that we can't get along then we are pulling out our trucks and no longer doing business with them.

Now I'll admit that if a customer starts their shit with me instead of sending them to my supervisor (like I should) I have always had a bad habit of giving it right back to them. There are a few that I have told "You mind chewing a little harder, I could use to loose a bit more weight back there." But alas you can only use that once on someone for it to have the right affect of pausing to think about what you said then laughing about it.

Hard to believe that a few weeks ago I was worried because one of my friends at work, J, who happens to be our department lead told me that one of my customers complained about me so the company was monitoring my phone calls. Here I thought I was in trouble, well instead I received a large customer because of it who so far I get along just fine with....although I do believe it's merely ass kissing on her part for now.

I thought I'd do many things in my life, hell mom even told me I'd become nothing more than a toilet scrubber. Wonder what they will think when they realize I'm the new bitch thats used as a last resort weapon.

yes the 'butt picker' title does exist. In my office it's the director of operations. I gave him the title when he sat on the edge of my desk one morning then actually lifted a cheek and started digging his fingers into his crack through his pants.
He wasn't too happy when I pegged him with a rubber band to make him turn around so I could inform him how disgusting he was. As for the crotch scratcher, that was our former director of operations who just so happens to still be room-mates with the current one. Don't ask me about them because I have never wanted to have that picture embedded into my mind. (I use to think butt picker was cute, now all I see is just an arrogant pig that want's his truffles)
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