Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well it's official

I was talking to my sister (by blood, not adopted one) last night and it's official. Not only is she going to meet me up in Ottawa this summer for the HP con, Convention Alley, but she is actually going. This is a complete shock seeing how she has NEVER read the books and actually asked me who Lupin was. In a way it's good cause it will cut back on the cost of the hotel room since but still, she's going to be around at all times. I thought about warning her about the slashers that will be there but....nah. I've decided to let her be surprised like I was last year when I went to Nimbus. I really wonder what she's going to think about this fandom world. The original plan was that she would be going up there doing some geneology stuff on our ancestors but it doesn't look that way anymore.

All I can really say is with the history that Sidnee (her old mud name) and I have....I'm really wondering how relaxing this trip is going to be afterall.
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