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David Thewlis is Teh Sex!

Ok I have ranted and raved on this thing in which nobody will see except for myself....and I believe I am feeling abit better. At least I hope I am and it's not just my imagination.
I have been thinking of it and due to reasons in order to keep me in a better mood I am seriously thinking of putting an end to writing once Collision is over.
In a way it I'm not happy about this decision since I already have a follow up story half way written and taking my main characters of Collision back to being minor characters.
I can't blame this on flames or what reviewers are's pretty much that nothing being said either way that is effecting this decision.
I'll admit that maybe it's my own fault for this or even the idea of not having a beta for the story but oh well. I tried to get one once but nobody ever stepped up to the plate so be beta will continue to consist of constantly looking over what I have stated in the past and my trusty spell/check program that was written by some inbread idiot in West Virginia (has to have been with some of the things it has told me to change), or maybe I'll even give my sister a go at it again even though she still hasn't even opened the email I sent her 2 1/2 days ago (like she said she would) with chapter 22 in it (wonderful thing 'return receipt is).

Oh well that's about it for now.....oh I hope you like the banner, I got it from one of the groups I'm in.

What professor will you bed?
by audiroo
The professor you will bed:Professor Lupin
How:You say "take me now"
Where:In the dungons
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
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