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Collision - Chapter 2

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Another World
Chapter Rating: PG-13

As long as Harry remained asleep Severus didn't venture from his quarters at all constantly waiting for his son to wake up. During this time Madame' Pomphrey had hooked Harry up to an IV insisting that he was in need of nourishment for some kind and convincing Severus that although pouring potions down the boy's throat would keep it from going dry, it would also endanger him of choking from them. Although Severus hated seeing the blasted thing hooked to his son's arm, he caved in due to not wanting to risk the boy's health any further.

In the meantime Sirius had agreed to let Draco stay with him in Jamie's room which the boys were very thankful of since Severus was once again growing more and more agitated each day that passed. Remus had continued to try sending the returned letter to Dannie but unfortunately the only news that the owls had returned with was the same letter he sent out. "Remus relax. There's got to be some explanation on why she hasn't even bothered reading your letters. Ever think that maybe it's just too far of a trip for the owls that you are using?" Severus asked while the three men sat in his quarters eating a small lunch.

"I did think of that at first but then I even used the same owl that delivered Bria's school notice to her last year and it still came back unopened."

"I told you before Remus. She deserted you once before, there is no doubt in my mind that she has deserted you once again."

"Sirius, if I didn't just see you sit there and say what you did I would never have believed you could have become so cold. I understand you are still angry for what Pattie did to you and the twins but I would have never expected you to become such a bitter person over it." Severus stated.

"Siri, you are completely wrong with you accusations about her. Yes she did leave me along time ago but we were still young back then and although we had mated we were unaware of our bonding so there were actually no promises made to one another like there are now."

"Then why isn't she answering your letters or trying to contact you herself?"

"That is what has me worried. I'm afraid that maybe what happened to her mum has happened to her."

"Remus I'm quite sure that she has not suffered the same fate. If she had then you would definitely know it. Besides do you really think her father would allow that to happen?"

"That's just it. Her father makes his living as a truck driver that's why he wasn't there when her mum was killed and why she grew up in a foster home. He may not even be there to help her if she needs it."

"Well after she took that bite out of Lucius and how she tends to stand up to me once in a while I'm quite sure that she is capable of taking care of herself and nothing of the sort has happened. Why don't you talk with Albus? It's time to send out the supply lists to the students that live overseas, maybe he'll attach your letter with it."

"I already have spoken to him and he is sending Fawkes to deliver Bria's notice this afternoon."

"See, no worries then. If any bird can make the trip without any problems then it would be his phoenix and it most likely won't return until it received some sort of reply."

"I know I just hate the waiting."

"I know exactly how you feel." Severus said as he glanced towards his son’s room.


Meanwhile in Wisconsin

Dannie came down the stairs with a puzzled look on her face. "Were you in my bathroom?" she asked Bria

"No, why?"

"My engagement ring is missing. I know I put it in my jewelry box before I got into the shower but now it's not there."

"I thought you weren't going to tell Papaw about dad just yet?"

"I wasn't going to tell him about Remus being your father but I was going to let him know that I'm getting married."

"Maybe you put it somewhere else by mistake. I'm sure it will show up sooner or later."

Dannie glared at her daughter but before she could say anything there was a knock at the door. "We will talk about this later." She then opened up the door and was greeted by her friends. They all sat joking around with each other and after Bria had turned in for the night Jenny started talking in detail about her latest 'conquest' in which to Dannie was sounding like every other story she had told. "Jenny, when are you going to be settling down now?"

"What is this? Now that you have gone and found yourself someone you think you can join in on my brother?" she replied "Come on now I'm only 29, I'm not ready to settle down."

"How many years have you been 29 now? You’re a year younger than Bobby and I not to mention you have definitely conquered every guy we went to school with at least once." Dannie said

"Not to mention their fathers as well." Robert stated.

"I didn't even want to think about going there. Is there anyone in a twenty mile radius that you haven't slept with?"

"For your information there is quite a few guys I haven't slept with."

"That's right there's about ten boys that just graduated that she hasn't gone near yet." Dan said.

"Now that's a bit low even for you guys don't ya think?" Dannie questioned "I am glad that she's calmed down at least somewhat. I haven't even gotten a single phone call from her in the mornings screeching out what use to be daily news."

"Of coarse not, you work in the restaurant. I'm sure she spends her day telling you in great detail every single move." Dan stated, "I use to hear how you girls talk. I bet you can't name one man over the age of lets say 25 that she hasn't gotten to know besides Bobby and I."

"Well if that's the case I really feel left out. When is it my turn?" Jack said as he closed the front door.

"Papa!" Dannie yelled as ran to the large white haired man.

"I knew there had to be a reason why Gene insisted that I take some home time. He has insisted that I am not to be dispatched for another two weeks." Jack replied as he engulfed her in a huge bear hug. "Now what is with you and not contacting me the whole time you were gone. Why didn't you tell me you would be staying there the whole time?"

"Sorry papa but when we left I had no idea that I would be staying the whole time. The don't have phones or a regular postal service in their world but I do promise as soon as we go back I will see what we can do about getting you on their Floo network." Dannie said as she squirmed out of the hug and rejoined the group in the living room.

"Angel, I understand you sending Nicca back there but you as well? Why? And what is this Floo network?"

"It seems as our little Angel here has found herself a" Robert was quickly reminded as he was pinched by Dan's hand on his lap. "A teaching position." he quickly recovered.

"And Floo is sorta like Bobby's web-cam on his computer but you talk straight into the fireplace."

"Teaching position? Here I was hoping that you would have finally found your mate out there to make you want to go back." Jack sighed. "This school of Nicca's, it's not an all girls school is it?"

"No don't worry it's a co-ed school."

"Good so is there any hope of you finally giving me some more grandbabies?"

"When I get married I will think about it."

"Well you had better hurry up, I'm 52 and I want to be able to enjoy having them around."

"How do you expect to do that if I live overseas."

"Now Angel, there are plenty of drivers out there that live in their cabs. Although I love you and Nicca with all my heart I have been waiting for the day when you would find yourself someone and move away from here so that I could put this place up for sale. It's what, a 10 hour plane trip to London, that's not to bad to see my grandbabies."

"Sell the house? But..."

"I'm never here anyway. This was your mama's home and the only reason I ever came back was because you were here. Besides I'm sure the boys can set me up with a cabin whenever I'm in town."

"There's even a few with fireplaces, instead of setting up that network here then we could have one set up on that network and keep it set aside for when he does stop by." Robert piped in.

"See it's settled. Now I hate to cut this party short but I've been on the road all day and we can get caught up on everything in the morning. Oh and Jenny, don't think that any of us are done with you now. I plan on finding out when your going to decide to settle down with just one man."

"I'm just waiting for the day when you finally propose, Papa Jack." Jenny teased as they watched the older man walk into his room.

"Why didn't you tell him?" Robert asked.

Dannie warned in a demanding whisper, "Shush" then motioned for them to follow her outside. She led them down by the lake and out of hearing distance from Jack.

"Angel, why didn't you tell him?" he once again asked.

"Bobby keep your voice down, please,” she said as she kept an eye on the lit up windows of the house. "The reason I didn't say anything yet is not only is it too soon since he just got home but you know he will want to see a ring or something showing him proof."

"But you have your ring." Dan stated.

Dannie held up her hand replied "No I don't, it has disappeared."

"What do you mean it disappeared? You had it on when you left the restaurant. Did you stop anywhere on your way home that it could have fallen off at?" Jenny asked

"No I didn't. I clearly took it off in the bathroom when I took my shower. When I came out it was gone."

"You don't think Bria had anything to do with it missing do you?" Robert asked.

"The possibility is there but I'm going to have to search through her room and all her things to find out for sure."

"Well if you need any help keeping her occupied while you do it let us know."

"It's only a week until the full moon, I'll have no problems then" Dannie replied.

"It's getting late, we'd better get going, it's getting late. We'll see you tomorrow." Robert stated as they climbed into Jenny's pickup.

Dannie watched as they drove up the drive before she went into the house.


~Early next morning back at Hogwarts~

"Remus, so glad I ran into you. I was going to slip this under your door." Albus said as he handed Remus an envelope.

"Fawkes came back already?"

"Of coarse he did. You don't expect him to take as much travel time as the owls, do you?"

"I suppose not. Thank you for your help in this." Remus said as he headed back to his quarters anxious to read the reply. As soon as he entered the front room he immediately plopped down onto the couch and ripped open the envelope pulling the papers out and tossing the envelope onto the coffee table only to look curiously at it when it clinked as it landed on the wood. Remus then picked the envelope back up and turned it over to empty it's contents only to stare at the ring that now sat infront of him. Remus skimmed through the other contents he removed only to find the same letter that he had continuously tried sending along with Bria's supply list. As he turned the list over he noticed her writing on the back,

Professor Dumbledore,
Thank you for sending the list of needed supplies for next year but I will not need it. For reasons that I cannot state at this tie, mom and I will not be returning to Hogwarts again.
Please give this back to dad and tell him I love him.
Yours Truly,

Once again Remus looked through the contents trying to find some sort of explanation of what had happened only to grow more frustrated and angry in the lack of information. Time seemed to pass slowly for Remus as he sat there and stare at the ring on the table until he finally picked it up and put it back into the envelope with the letter. As he walked over to the door to shut it he saw the medi-witch leaving Severus' rooms. "Poppy, what happened? Is it Harry?"

"Yes, good news he finally woke up again and already as active as ever, he is." she replied with a smile as she continued on down the corridor

Remus walked in the open door across the hallway and overheard Severus talking to the boy. "Remus has tried but the owls keep coming back with the letters unopened. Don't worry, Professor Dumbledore has allowed hi to send another letter to her with her supply list and Fawkes will be delivering it. She'll know soon enough." Severus stated.

"No she won't." Remus said as he walked in the room. "Poppy told me the news, good to see that you're back with us Harry."

"What is this, everyone just walks in whenever they wish at all hours of the night?"

"If Poppy hadn't been leaving I would have never stopped by at this time. Besides I need to speak with you."

"I'll be right back Harry." Severus said as he left the room with Remus. "What's wrong?"

"Albus came by with this." Remus replied as he handed the letter to his friend.

Severus then opened up the envelope and pulled out the supply list. Noticing that there was writing on the back of it he turned it over and read it "Remus don’t know what to say. I'm at a loss here."

"Your at a loss? I want to know why it is that she's having Bria tell Albus about this and why she can't come to me herself and tell me. Hell the least she could've done was to have replied to the note I sent her and told me in that. She didn't even open the bloody thing to read it."

"Are you sure she even got it?"

"Of coarse she got it. Bria replied to the letter didn't she?"

"No are you sure that Dannie got the letter. If you remember right Bria was blaming herself for Harry's death and was contemplating on not returning."

"Then explain the ring."

"I don't know. Lily use to take her's off before bathing in fear of it going down the drain. Maybe Dannie thought the same way and somehow Bria got a hold of it during that time."

Remus started pacing, "I'm not sure. It's possible but I need to know something definite. There are just too many possibilities at this time and I need an answer. Obviously for some reason she's not telling me anything."

"So what are you doing to do?"

"I'm going to go find out myself what is going on here. If she's ending this engagement after all that we've been through then she's going to tell me herself and not drag our daughter into it."

"I take it your going to Wisconsin. Your not going to get lost on us again are you?"

"Yes I'm going and don't worry, this time I at least have an address on where to find her so I won't be lost."

"When are you leaving?"

"The end of the week."

"Can I go with?" Harry asked.

"What have I told you about not talking? Get back into bed."

Remus watched and listened as Harry kept scribbling on a note pad and Severus replied to him, finally Severus said, "I will check with Poppy, if she says you are healthy enough to go with then we will see." as he escorted Harry back into his bedroom.

The man finally came out of the room when Remus said "Sev, you really don't need to go with. I can take care of this myself."

"No, Harry's right. You will need the Wolfsbane potion and besides with all that has happened this past year I feel it's time we get away from here for awhile."

Remus just looked at his friend and nodded then turned to leave, "Thank you Sev." and he left to back to his own rooms.


~A few days later~

As Severus was getting ready for their trip Albus walked into his quarters. "I see the two of you are about packed already. May I ask what you're going to do with the boys?"

"Draco doesn't want to go so Sirius has agreed to let him stay there and as for Harry, Poppy has given permission for him to go with us as long as we don't let him over exert himself."

"Good, I believe you will be needing this for Harry." he said as he handed Severus a piece of parchment.

"What is this?" Severus said as he looked it over then his eyes widened, "I thought that James was down as his father."

"No, he just carried his name. Lily never officially listed anyone's name as the father of her child on the original. Lily learned that she had until Harry was five years of age to make any changes to his birth certificate since there was no named father on it. When the two of you started courting again and it looked as if you two were going to make it she went and had not only your name added as his father but she also changed her last name on it to Evans."

"I don't understand. When they filed her death certificate didn't they notice it then? Why all of a sudden now?"

"Arthur has been assisting with cleaning out some of the files at the Ministry when he came across two files for her, one of them as Lily Evans that other than the new birth certificate hadn't been touched since her adoption by your aunt and uncle and the other for Lily Potter. Nobody ever bothered back then to combine the two so when she turned it in the person who accepted it unknowingly misfile it." Albus smiled "It is to my understanding that you will need that in order to obtain Harry's passport and take him with you."

"I don't know what to say."

"No need to say anything, just you have a good trip and make sure you keep that son of yours out of trouble."

"Thank you."

Albus just held up his hand and shook his head, "It's the least I could do." then he left closing the door behind hi as Severus sat down on the couch looking at the paper before him.

"Dad, what was that about?" Harry asked as he entered the room.

"Nothing. Have you finished your assignments?"

"Yes sir, are we still going to go to the Ministry office today?" he replied as he leaned over the back of the couch and placed some scrolls next to the man. "What is that you're reading?"

"It seems as we don't have to go the Ministry office afterall, Professor Dumbledore brought by your birth certificate already."

"May I see it?" Severus then handed it to him as he picked up the scrolls and started looking them over. "This states that my last name is Snape already, I've seen a copy of it back at the Dursley's, it said Potter. When was this done?"

"It seems that your mother took care of this before she died and it was accidentally misfile."

"So this means that instead of just my guardian you're officially my father."

"Yes and it also mans that I'm definitely the one who will e contacted when you're in trouble again and trust me. I will not be like your aunt and uncle has been in the past with ignoring any school notices. You *will* hear what I think about your actions and not just as your head of house."

Harry's smile quickly faded as he imagined how many howlers he should have received if the Dursleys had actually cared and he replied "Oh."

"Now, how about if we go and obtain those passports."

"S'ok" Harry replied as they stood up and left.


~Next day~

People jumped out of the way and glared at the SUV that swerved into the parking lot kicking gravel and dust all over the place. As they climbed out of the vehicle Remus glared at Severus as well, "I thought you said you knew how to drive? What in the world did you think you were doing charming the car to go even faster than it could?"

"I never said I knew how to drive, all I said was that I had a license. I came along as a favor to you, if I hadn't been able to rent one of those contraptions we would have been walking all the way here." Severus replied as he opened to door and entered only to be walked into by a dark haired woman about a foot shorter than him that was walking backwards and waving at Dan who was working behind the desk.

"I'm sorry," Jenny said as she turned around.

"I should hope so. May I suggest that next time and try looking where you are going?"

Jenny opened her mouth as to say something but Dan instantly cleared his throat as a warning to her so she glared at him and he shook his head "What has your brother said before?"

Keeping her jaw clinched and in a sarcastic tone she replied "You are correct sir, I do hope you enjoy your stay here." then she stormed out of the building.

As the three of them proceeded to the desk Dan smiled and said "Sorry about that. Now did you need a cabin or are you folks lost?"

"Cabin please."

"Your lucky we have only a few left. You don't look like your here for the Gathering, are you visiting friends in the area?"

"Gathering?" Harry asked.

"Yes, this is the weekend for our summer Pow-wow. There have been people setting up their camps all week but it doesn't officially start until tomorrow afternoon and lasts until Sunday afternoon." Dan grabbed a key off the hook behind the counter, "This summer has been hotter than usual so we've actually be busy since people really don't want to be sleeping in tents in this weather."

"Actually we're here to see some friends of ours." Severus replied.

"Really? This is a small community during the off season. Who are they? I probably know them."

"Well we wanted it to be a surprise, they don't know we're coming." stated Harry who watched as Remus walked over to the back door and was looking out at the lake.

"Listen, I'm quite good at keeping secrets and as you probably noticed when you arrived in town the streets around here aren't marked. If you haven't been here before it would be quite easy to get lost."

"You wouldn't happen to know Danielle Lightpaws?" Harry asked.

"Of coarse I do, if it weren't for the legalities she'd be my cousin." Dan then took a closer look at Severus and Remus, "I knew you two looked familiar, I'm surprised I didn't see it before. I suppose you can't be wearing the usual robes out here. She'll be thrilled to see you."

Remus turned from the sliding glass door and said, "You know of us and what we are?"

"I told you, she's family. Of coarse I know of you guys. I've heard all about you guys and the school; she even showed us the photos. Let's see you are easy, I can easily tell your Remus, the lighter hair and with your attitude you must be Severus, I am sorry for your loss. And I must of had the names wrong with you kids because I could have thought they said the one of you was Harry but that's impossible so you must be Jamie, is your dad and sister still outside?"

"Um..." Harry said

"No, this in fact is Harry. It's a long story but lets just say that the machinery that they had him on was faulty." Severus replied.

"Well that really will be a surprise, for both the girls. Bria has been moping around the house like crazy driving her mom insane." Dan drew out a map on the back of a flyer as he continued. "Listen, my shift is about up, here's your key along with a map on how to get to her house. Why don't you guys get settled in your cabin and if you want you can head up there afterwards. Don't worry I won't say a word about you being here."

"Thank you, how much do we owe you?" Remus said.

"Nothing at all, don't worry about it."

"We can't let you do that."

"Let me nothin. You're soon to be family and if anything family takes care of each other here. If Bobby found out that I took payment from you then I'd be sleepin on the couch forever and I'm not havin that. Just make sure you don't let anything happen to the girls, they mean a lot to us." Dan then placed the map down on the counter, "Here's where we are, your gonna follow this but after you turn here you have to go slow, the driveway is on the left but it's almost hidden by the trees just follow it on back for about 3/4 of a mile after the house the drive starts to descend towards the lake which is only about 100 more yards back."

"Thank you again for your help."

"Don't mention it." Dan said as he watched the guys leave and another gentleman walked in.

"I know I know I'm late, I was having problems with my car again,” the guy said.

"This time don't worry about it. The cabins are just about filled so it should be a quiet night for you." Dan replied as he grabbed his belongings and left.

Severus unlocked the cabin door and as they walked in it they noticed that it was rather small and dark with a slightly musty odor. There were two bedrooms that were separated by the bathroom just off a small living room that had fireplace on one end and a kitchenette on the other that was located next to the back door. Remus stood at the door looking across the lake at the few houses that surrounded it as lights were turned on as the sun started setting. There was faint music coming from another part there was an open field that held a few small campfires and tents. "From what I can tell from this map that the desk clerk gave us you won't be able to see her house from here, this lake twists quite a bit." Severus said.

"I'm merely enjoying the view, nothing more."

"Well then get some rest and we'll head over there later."

"Dad, may I go too?"

"No, you'll have to stay here. Remember Bria still believes your dead, we don't need you frightening her."

Harry sighed "Yes sir."

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