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Things are starting to look abit better lately. The fng is back up in the Camp Hill office and all I have to do now is get caught up on what's on my desk before I can actually tell my supers what more I believe I can handle. For some reason they are under the impression that I actually need more work. If anything I would love to have the Unilever account back but I highly doubt that will happen.

On for some posting news....well my muse has been very good in a way....she finally gave me something and I had to re-write half the chapter I'm working on but I do believe it works. What I think is a big help is I was talking to my sister and that helped some. To someone outside our family it can be confusing....I talk HP fanfic and she talks LiRic fanfic (one of the couples on General Hospital) and we throw ideas back and forth. It will be angsty at some point but then again when are my chapters not that way. Oh well, time to get ready for work.

Oh I made a new pic for my Yahoo it is.

P.S. In case your wondering, the little icon is the pic I found for my story. I though it was perfect

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