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How boring was my day

Well lets see here....I woke up with a horrible hang-over. Yep that's right, went out drinking with not only my friends but also my new supervisor and the VP of our company last night. It was fun and I don't think I'll be doing it again for awhile....well at least maybe next Friday but who knows. I hate going to the pub by myself and a friend of mine who is a regular there (when she doesn't have her kid that is) not only has her kid back next week but the kid's father is in jail so she has nobody to watch her. Oh well....after last night I don't really want to go back for a bit. I was so tipsy that I was half way to my ride when I realized I didn't pay my tab....oops. Played it cool I think, went back in, hit the bathroom and paid on the way out (don't think anyone least I hope they didn't).
Well today was wasted, stayed in bed all day feeling sick (not from the hangover but from a cold that I can't seem to kick) so I started surfing today. Now I always hated the 'Ron' character in the books and equally I never really liked Rupart Grint either. For some odd reason he always reminded me of someone that I couldn't put my finger on.....well today I figured it out. TLC posted screencaps of the interview with the 'kids' that will be on tomorrow night and thats when I knew I knew who it was....
If you grew up with the same pathetic daytime re-runs I saw as a kid you will remember this person....I put their pics together so you could see so here you go

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