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Collision - Chapter 1

This is a follow up story to Cultures Collide in which you may find at

Title: Collision
Summary: As one family struggles to come together, another is torn further apart.
Main Pairing: RL/OC
Story Rating: Hard R or NC-17 (depending on your own views)
Chapter title: Welcome Home
Chapter Rating: PG-13

The only characters I own are Dannie (aka Angel), Bria (aka Nicca), Papa Jack, Robert, Dan, Ann Marie, Jamie, Jenny, Grandpa (very brief), and Sarah. All others are owned by JK Rowling and Warner Brothers. I am merely playing with them while I work through my insanity.

As the two ladies stepped out of the gate Dannie looked around and sighed, "Well it looks like Papa's on the road this weekend. We'll have to take the bus home from here."

Bria just shrugged her shoulders and trailed behind her mom as they followed the crowd to the luggage carousels. Once they had their belongings they then started heading towards they airport exit and to the parking lot where they planned on catching a taxi to take them to the bus depot. As they started out the doors they heard a loud high-pitched voice above the crowd. "Angel! Bria!"

Dannie looked around and noticed two men heading in their direction. While the brunette was waving frantically at them a taller blond slowly followed behind glaring back at the onlookers. "Bobby? What are you..." Dannie was cut off as he picked her up spinning her around. "Please put me down, you are going to hurt yourself."

Robert did as she asked then turned his attention to the younger girl and as they hugged he lifted her and started spinning her around instead. "What are you two doing here?" Dannie asked the blond as she greeted him with a hug.

"We were at Papa Jack's when Miss Nosey decided to listed to his messages and heard the one you left behind, causing him to start screeching like a Banshee."

"Well that you for coming all the way out here just to get us. I was afraid we'd have to take the bus home."

"It's the least we could do." Robert said as he put Bria down. "Gives me a chance to tell you how I feel about how you disappeared on us for almost a year without one phone call or letter tellin us you were ok."

The two guys then took the bags from the girls and led them towards the parking lot. "I guess I do owe you two an explanation but we're only here for a month before we go back for good." Dannie paused. "I will only hear you out as long as you promise that you will not spend our whole visit lecturing me about us leaving in the first place."

"That all depends on what you have to say for yourselves. Do you realize that your father has been worried sick over you two? Ten months you were gone to who knows where without one word the whole time." Robert started.

"You guys knew that I was taking her to her new school and that I was going to stay there to see what it was like."

"You were to only be for a few months, not almost a year. And what's with this school? Dan and I searched the Internet and there was nothing anywhere on it that even mentions a school called Hogwarts."

"Would you mind not panicking over nothing? The school exists and we are back here safe and sound."

"Nothing? You two disappear and you tell me it's nothing? What is going on here?"

"Bobby, the reason you couldn't find anything on her school is because it's a special school for children like Bria. You are one of very few people here that know of her talents. Around here they are rare but in fact there are hundreds of children just like her and Hogwarts has been teaching them how to improve and control her gifts."

"Which gifts are you talking about? How she has to change every month or the other ones?"

"The fact that she's a witch."

"Don't say that! You know what will happen if certain people hear you."

"Yes I do know and that is the reason I allowed her to go there."

"Aren't there any schools that are closer that she could have gone to instead? At least something that is here in the country."

"There is one but because of her being part werewolf they never made themselves known to us. This school has worked with child werewolves before."

"So your saying that there are other children there just like her?"

"No again she's one of a kind there as well."

"How do her classmates feel about this? I mean it can't be easy on her and who supervises her when she changes?"

"I do along with one of her professors."

"You do? What do you mean you do? You haven't changed since that night you got knocked up."

"Well it's sorta become more habit again. Besides they are even teaching the children there how to change as well."

"How do you teach children how to be shape-shifters?"

"Well they aren't really shape-shifters, at least not like us. They have to learn to control it with magic and it usually takes a few years. They're know as Animagus."

Robert was shocked, although he rarely used his skills, like Dannie he had inherited shape-shifting abilities from his mother and that was one of the reasons they had been such close friends their whole lives. "Well, what kind of animals can they change into?"

"Nothing out of the ordinary from what I have seen so far. Like us they are very rare powers that are just about diminished so they decided to start teaching the children. From what I've seen in the adults, Minerva is a cat, Sirius is a dog, and Severus a panther."

"So no other wolves up there?"

"Well not exactly. There is a wolf but he's neither a shape-shifter or Animagus."

"He? Is he the reason you didn't come home sooner?" Robert asked with a hopeful tone to his voice. "If he's not an shape-shifter or ani-what-ever then what is he?" He then paused "Wait a second, he wouldn't by chance be a....Angel, not again."

"No he is not the reason that I stayed. I stayed because I was given a teaching position but..." She smiled "He is one of the reasons that I'll be returning there with Bria."

"Angel, you have got to be joking. You couldn't possibly think of hooking up with a werewolf again? You haven't mated with him have you?"


"You know I want you to be happy but you remember what happened the last time."

"And I couldn't be more happy with the results of the last time. If it weren't for him then Bria wouldn't be here today."

"But he deserted you after that night. Werewolves aren't like other wolves, their soul doesn't take life mates, I thought you would have been well aware of that by now."

"Bobby, what makes you think that he was the one who left me? Didn't it ever occur to you that I might have been the one to leave him? And for your information, yes I did mate with him...." before she could finish what she had to say her once again over-outraged friend interrupted her.

"Angel, tell me your lying. You didn't, again. Don't you remember those nights you spent howling? Jenny and I heard you. Hell you kept us up half the night."

"Bobby you aren't letting me finish. You have always been out to protect us, still the stubborn bear. Now listen, I left him and I was not the one that kept you and your sister up, it was Remus."

"Remus? Who the hell is Remus?"

"He's the werewolf." Dannie replied as Bria watched with amusement as her mom teased her friend. Afterall he did deserve it with the way he was acting.

"Which werewolf? Bria's father or this new one that you've mated with?"

"Yes." Dannie said with a smirk until she noticed that he was really getting frustrated "Bobby, would you look at me and let me finish what I've been trying to tell you. Yes I thought that there was no chance of ever finding her father out there. Remus is the only wolf that I have been with, there is no new wolf, he's the same one." By the look on the man's face with this news Dannie was very grateful that it was Dan who was driving.

"Are you sure that it is him? I mean of all the people to find after all this time."

"Ironic isn't it? Yes I'm sure, I couldn't ever mistake his scent, she has some of his markings and he still has the limp from the trap he was in when I first met him."

"Let me get this straight. You go all the way to England to take her to a special school we can't find any information about and of all the people in the world, you wind up finding her father?"


"I don't know what to say. I mean, I'm happy for you and all but I'm shocked. Papa Jack is gonna be even more surprised."

"You have to promise me, both of you have to swear that you will not say a word to him about Remie."

"But Angel, he will be so thrilled that your getting married."

"I know he will and that news I'll tell him but you cannot say a word on who he is, you have to let me figure out a way to break that bit of news. With the way he feels about Bria it's going to be hard enough to tell him that we will be living so far away."

"But just think about it. You actually finally found your lifemate. Do you realize how happy he's going to be that you two are finally together?"

"And do you realize that although he'll be happy I'll also be lectured once again about my actions back then?"

"He wouldn't do that."

"Do you remember how pissed he was when he found out that I was pregnant and he thought that the man deserted me? He wouldn't listen to any reasoning what-so-ever."

"We were all upset and you weren't giving any details at all."

"Well what is it that Papa has always wanted more than anything?"

"To see you happily settled down."


"A house full of little ones running around."

"Exactly. What do you think he would do if he found out that I was the one that left Remus howling in the forest all those years ago?"

"I can see your point."

"As it is he's gonna want me pregnant within the next few months."

"Maybe it is good that you are going to be living so far away. I can just see him now locking you two in the bedroom until you are." Robert laughed.

"It's not that funny."

"Yes it is. I am so glad that he's not my dad. If I were you I wouldn't say a word about him being her papa or you'd be hearing about all the little ones you made him miss out on."

"That's why you can't say anything."

"Alright you have our word on it. Have you at least warned your mate about him?"

"No I haven't. How do you tell the person that your going to marry that you consider your father borderline psychotic about wanting tons of grandchildren?"

"Well you are going to have more aren't you?"

"I really don't know we haven't even discussed having any. I figure if I get pregnant then wonderful if I don't then at least we have Bria."

"You have to have at least one more. You raised Bria pretty much on your own, let him experience raising a child of his own."

"We'll have to see."

"You're not going to make Bria an only child? Come on you know how lonely that can be, besides you need more."

"First of all Bria is fifteen years old, there would be too much of an age difference. Secondly, I'm 35 I think I'm a bit old to be having more little ones."

"You remember Jessica from school right?"

"How can I forget the bitch?"

"She just had her first kid and her husband is sixty."

"Who did she get to finally marry her?"

"Remember the bar owner on the edge of town?"

"She married old Bill? You have got to be kidding, I thought she was with Carlos."

"She was, think of how he feels. Loosing his fiancée to his father like that."

"How did you hear about this?"

"By going to Council meetings."

"What did you do, sneak into the woman’s group?"

"No, the guys were actually congratulating him on it."

"I knew you guys did something other than throw hatchets at wood piles. What else did you hear?"

"Well rumor has it you got knocked up again but this time you were smart and decided not to disgrace your family more than you already have and went out to Cali to put it up for adoption."

"Now who in the world started that one?"

"Jessica and Bill."

"Go figure." Dannie stated then everyone what quiet for the remainder of the ride home while she wondered what other rumors was flying around about the two of them.

Finally as they pulled onto the long dirt road Dannie started nudging Bria to get her to wake up. "Are we home yet?"

"Just about."

Bria sat up and stretched then stared out the window at their heavily wooded property. "Remember what I told you. There will be no running while we're here. We don't need to cause any unnecessary problems for your Papaw."

"Yes ma'am."

Finally the car stopped infront of the dome shaped house and everyone climbed out. While Bria ran inside and up the stairs to her room, the adults grabbed the luggage and walked in behind her. As she dropped off her bag near the entrance she sniffed the musty air and shook her head.

"What's wrong?" Dan asked.

"It's different."

"No it's not, it's the same as when you left."

That's not what I mean. It feels different here."

"That's because you've finally been away." Dan replied.

Dannie slowly walked around the room staring at the photos on the walls and smiling as they remained still. "Ok what do you find amusing?"

"I guess I've grown use to seeing pictures move, it's almost strange to see them like this again."

"Pictures move?"

"Yea, it sorta gives you an idea of what the people are like. If you want, there are some just inside my bag that Bria took this past year."

Robert bent down besides the bag and pulled out the envelope then sent over to the tale to sit and look at the while Dannie stood and stared at her parent's wedding photo. She was completely lost in her thoughts until he let out a high pitched "Ack!"

"What's wrong?"

"They do move."

"You thought I was lying?"

"No, it's just I don't know what I thought. Come here and tell me who these people are."

Dannie walked over to the table and stood behind her friend leaning her forearms on his shoulders and pointed out who was who in each of the photos until finally they came to one of her and Remus. "Is that him?" Robert asked as he took a closer look at it.


"She has his eyes."

"I know."

"He's not what I expected though."

"What do you mean?"

"You said he was a professor. I was expecting him to look like they do in those movies we saw where the professors were always short old and stumpy with a scowl on their faces."

"You actually thought he would be like that? Eew."

"Well, it's not like any of us had seen him, even you had only seen him as a wolf."

"If he was old and stumpy hen he would have been a shorter and fat wolf."

"Ok, I'll give you that but still.....Who's the boy? She's got a lot of photos of him in here."

Dannie took a deep breath. "That was Harry, they were quite close."

"How close were they? Good friends?"

"He was her boyfriend and first friend at the school. She spent most of her free time last summer with him before the other kids arrived."

"No wonder she seems so depressed. Having to leave him behind to hang out with a bunch of old farts like us."

"That's not the reason." Dannie paused, "Harry passed on this afternoon due to a curse that someone put on him."

"A curse? Who would do that to a child? I hope they caught the person and they are rotting in prison for it."

"Well from what I understand Harry's aunt killed the man."

"Well good for her, at least they are a close family."

"No, not really and don't ask because it's a very long story and I'm not sure of all the details."

Robert continued to look through the photos, "Who's the little one that you're holding?"

"That's also Harry."

"How old was this boy?"

"Fifteen, that was taken after he had an accident with a potion he tried making."

"Didn't you say his dad taught potions?"

"Yeah but this was unexpected and he wasn't supervised when it happened."

"Angel with all these problems the kids have are you sure you want Bria goin' back there? I mean deadly curses, potions that make you relive your childhood, and who knows what else that you haven't told me about yet."

"It's no worse than here other than the fact that Lucius killed Harry. In fact it's more dangerous for her here now that he is actually gone."

"What did the boy do to make the man want to kill him?"

Dannie bit her lip, "I was afraid you'd ask that. Before I tell you, you need to remember that the man is dead and usually the children are quite safe. There are quite a lot of wards around the school protecting them."

"Obviously not enough now quit stalling."

"He wasn't exactly after Harry, he just got in the way. Lucius had captured Bria a few days before and he was just rescuing her."

"Captured her? How? Why? Where were you and this father of hers?"

"Remus and I had gone into London to see Black Lodge at a culture exhibit and even though she was under strict orders to stay in her dorm, she went running into the forest." Dannie stated as she noticed Robert starting to say something, "Don't you dare go off on her, she's already torturing herself over this as it is."

"Did you at least find out why she ran off?"

"Her room-mate was working for Lucius and told Bria that we had crashed Sirius' motorcycle in the forest that surrounded half the school."

"So she ran out to check on you two."

"Unfortunately yes."

"What I don't understand is why this Lucius had captured her."

"He wanted the same thing any hunter would want."

"Are you serious? With everything I have heard I'm not sure I want you two returning there and I know that Papa Jack would feel the same way."

"You've only heard the bad things. Look at those photos and tell me when you've seen Bria that happy."

"But is her being happy worth putting her life at risk?"

"It was only one person after her. Her life is more at risk being here with those powers of hers. If the elders found out...."

"And what if someone else goes after her?"

"To be honest Lucius was one of the worse that we've come across and I don't think that anyone will try it again. Besides who's to say that none of the idiots here won't leave a trap on our property again and try the same thing? I have done nothin but think about this for the past six months and that is the world she belongs in."

"So there's no changing your mind on this? What about you? How are you gonna manage livin in a world of magic when you have no powers of your own?"

"The same way I did this past year. It's different yes, but you get use to it and learn to adjust." Dannie shrugged.

"I don't know. I still don't like the idea of you two over there, you don't belong there."

"Bobby, if I didn't belong there do you think my path would have led me there? I hate leaving you guys behind as much as you hate seein us go but we all know that the reservation was never where I was meant to be. I lived here for 34 years, I watched mama be burned alive by those she grew up with, I listened to the threats of them doin the same to me and I have lived in fear of them doing the same to Bria. I only have a few weeks with you guys before we go back, do you really plan on givin me the third degree the whole time I'm here or are you gonna accept my choice?"

"Angel, I didn't mean..."

"Yes you did."

"Will you two stop it? It's just like when we were kids and you'd fight. Bobby I care as much about Angel and Bria as you do but she's right, it's her life and her decision. Obviously she's found what she's been looking for so just be happy." Dan spat.

"Thanks Dan." she said "Now if you two don't mind I'm gonna turn in. I haven't had any sleep since we left the school."

"We'll see you tomorrow then." the blonde replied as he stood up and walked over to her and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. Dannie then looked at Robert but he just kept his back to her so she sighed and walked upstairs to her room.

"Are you going to stay mad at her the whole time they are here?"

Robert just shrugged his shoulders and continued to stare at the photos.


Dannie spent the next few days going through her belongings. She originally though it was a one day job but that is never the case when you find boxes of childhood mementos ranging from stuffed animals to pull tab necklaces used to keep track of how much you drank (back when Wisconsin's drinking age was 18) to Bria's baby things. Between her room and the attic there was just way too much for one person to keep. The majority of it was tossed out with the weekly trash while everything else went back into the attic. While Dannie had worked on her room she had allowed Bria a few days for mourning, now that time was up. "I want you to get busy going through your things today."

"I'm not going back there so why should I?"

"Bria listen. You were not the cause of what happened. I thought you were clear on that. Nobody blames you."

"They may have said that but I know differently."

"Did they act like they blamed you while he was in the coma?"

"No but then there was still a chance he would recover."

"I hate to tell you this but there wasn't really any chance at all. Now I'm going to visit with Jenny at the restraint this afternoon. I want you at least to get started."

"Yes ma'am."

Dannie then left Bria alone in the house where she remained in her room doing nothing but watching TV. A few hours a tapping on her bedroom window interrupted later Bria. When she went to see what was causing the noise she noticed it was one of the school owls. "Shoo, get out of here." she yelled through the window. The owl seemed to do as she said but then she heard a noise from downstairs. When she reached the top of the stairs she saw the owl flying around the living room, "I told you to get out of here, I don't want your letter." she said as she chased the bird around the house as it hooted angrily at her. Finally Bria had caught the bird and let it go out the front door then quickly closed the kitchen window in which it had gotten in. Once she was convinced the bird was gone she went back upstairs to her room.

Later that evening Dannie arrived back at the house and as she headed up the stairs to check on her daughter's progress she noticed a feather lying on the table next to the door. She quickly picked it up and continued up the stairs. "I see we got an owl today. Who was it from?"

"We didn't get any owls."

"Are you sure? Where did this feather come from then?"

"Oh that, I was throwing away some of my old craft supplies and I must have dropped it. Here I'll take it back down and put it in the trash." Bria lied.

"No, I think I'll hang onto it. It's in too good of shape to discard like that. Before you throw away any more supplies I want to see them. There is no need in wasting things that either your uncles or I could use."


Dannie looked around the girl's room "It looks as if you haven't gone through anything. You had better get busy, remember you still have some summer homework to do."

"Don't worry I'll get it done."


"Soon, would you back off?"

"I'm not having you put it off till the last minute, you need to get started."

"I have started I told you that."

"Then you have a lot more than I thought you did. Your Papaw will be back by the end of the week, I expect you to be done by then if you want to be able to hang out with him."

"How long.’s he going to be home for?"

"According to his dispatcher they are going to have him start vacation. He will be here until we leave."

"Ok, I'll have this done by tomorrow night."

"Good, oh Jenny has asked me to help out at the restraint while we're here."

"What about the regalia? I thought you were going to restore it?"

"I am but I need to get some more leather, it's been up in the attic for far too long and some of the pieces need replacing. Now I want you to start getting busy on this room."

"Yes ma'am."

Dannie then turned and headed back downstairs to start dinner.


A few days later at Hogwarts the barn owl finally arrived and flew through the open window and landed on Remus' office desk. At first he was please that he had received a quick response but once he took the envelope from the aggravated bird he just stared at it in confusion.

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