Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Thank you Brenda!!!!

A friend of mine from work sent me the following and I thought I'd share.....I wouldn't mind them coming by to take care of the house work...:)

Well, I'm feeling a little guilty knowing how very busy you are lately.

Knowing all of the household chores you have to get done~

work, work, work& all the time.

So, since I do have extra "Help",I've decided to lend you a few helping hands - let me know who you want:

Someone to:

Work in the yard

Mend the fences

Sanitize the pool

Pick up a few things at the mall

Rotate your tires and check your oil

Change the sheets

and, last!  but certainly not least,

Scrub the shower

I hope this helps ease some of your work load.

Hell, what are friends for?

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