Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

New Life Begins.

Seems strange for me to be sitting at home on a Monday morning with nobody to call in sick to or no worries of how my desk will be when I return  to the office. There is no office for me to return to.
Thursday was so different when I left there. 16 years of desk collectables in a small box, hugs to those I worked with & promises of getting together for lunches, and ton of tears. I've heard those promises a hundred times and still await a lunch date, not that it matters but would be nice to hear the truth for once.
Anyhow, the doctor over the past we have run 2 CT scans on me, one of my sinuses to see if there was a deviation and the other for possible cancer. Luckily both came out clean.....Hugh sigh of relief.
Now they want to do some testing on my thyroid  because they are back to believing at may be the issue, especially with a 35 lb weight loss in less than 3 months.  Unfortunately with unemployment  also comes no insurance. I tries to sign up for the oh so wonderful Affordable Health Care program but typically the time they sent me my user ID info the web told me I wouldn't have insurance until Feb 2nd.   I can't go that long like this WTH?????
Tomorrow Ray is off work so we're gonna go to the Florida Blue office and see what can be done until then odds if they can even find the plan I saw and liked that was offered before I signed up since it seems to have disappeared.  That way I can continue on with the testing and can find out exactly what's up withme.
I hope I'm not jinx in this but I may wake up screaming tomorrow.  I've been telling people that oil all these health issues are ďue to lack of sleep and stress I'm gonna scream.  Since the job ended I've had twice as much sleep and the swelling seems to have gone away, but last night I took the last of my antibiotic to help with the shortness of breathe too. So we can only wait and see what tomorrow morning brings.   Hopefully I get to scream.

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