Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

The final week

The past few weeks have literally been hell. Since Dec 9th I've been battling swelling in my face and throat. Went to Care spot out here twice and over 2 weeks time had me on 2 antibodies and a steroid but those didn't work.  They then referred me to an ENT, whom put the scope up my nose and into my throat but couldn't find anything so he referred me to an allergin. Saw the allergin on Thursday and he wanted to know why I thought it was an allergy, I told him that the other doctors thought it was and I was looking for help. His next question made more sense. "Has anyone done any blood work on you at all?" Tearfully I shook my head and apologized. He said "you have no reason to be sorry. I'm sorry those in my profession haven't helped you."  We then left and Ray drove me by his pcp so I could make an appt. Instead they took me in right  away and started the blood work. They also put me on another steroid while I wait for the results. From what is being said it looks like with the swelling and the 30 lbs I've lost they believe it may be thyroid related but are still waiting on results.

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