Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Well week 1 of training my replacement is over with. Very nice older woman whom was just as leary about being flown out here  to be trained by us as we were with having to train the women replacing us .  Not to mention that these women just started with Arnold within the last 3 weeks so they really are a little uncomfortable .
My stress is still there but the pain isn't quite as bad as it was. I actually had 2 days with no pain at all which after 2 months was amszing. Course it was thanks to my better half letting me have one of his  anxiety pills just so I could sleep. And man did I sleep  - 9 hours of it too which almost never happens. 4-6 hours yes but 9 wow! I really hate taking meds but I  think I'll be asking for another one to take on Sunday night so  can have a productive day on Monday.

Mr &Mrs Firewalker will be in town tomorrow for their Godson's 4th birthday  and are taking me to lunch. So thrilled, haven't seen them since August !

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