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The FNG arrived!!!!!!

Yeah it's about time too....if you don't know what an FNG is read and you'll most likly figure it out or just ask....

For the Past two weeks I've been waiting for this guy David who works at our Camp Hill, PA office to get his ass down here and take learn some of these accounts so that he can take them back with him. This is all because everyone has finally realized how much I actually do with my desk and that I have about 200+ customers in which some I have to talk to about 5 times and answer 10-20 emails from them a day plus about 5 daily reports, entering loads, scheduling appointment, getting directions, handling driver problems, and finally dealing with accessorials (which after 2 yrs I finally started saying correctly....since when does acc sound like ass? shrug anyways....) all within an 8 hour time frame....ACK. Anyway during most of this about 60% of my customers are Northeast regional customers (their freight stays in the same territory) so they have actually decided to get off their asses and hire a new NE Regional CSR and giving him the work. Am I upset that I'm loosing the customers? Naaaah not one frilling bit. Hopefully this will do what they think it will and free up alot of my time and I won't be in such a rush to get things done or worry about not having it done right. Dave (the FNG) has actually been with the company for about a month but didn't arrive here in Jacksonville until today due to the fact that he is deathly afraid of flying so they had to hook him up with a ride from 1 of our linehaul drivers who had a load from there to here. To tell you the truth, I may be petrified of flying myself but I am more afraid of riding with some strange man across the coast who probably hasn't had a shower in a week, but to each his own. Now to corrupt him (mwahaha....I'm good at that) by introducing him to 'The Pub' most likly tomorrow night...hell he's on a company expense account....lets get plastered and call in sick Friday....(I wish).

Good news is my muse actually decided to pay a visit today and I was hoping to get alot of writing done during lunch....bad news is the assistant VP of sales decided to take Dave and I out to lunch at Olive Garden so needless to say the writing didn't get done.

More bad news....I found out my salesmen (yes I have 2 of them) are going to be in town the week after next. Don't get me wrong, I get along with them great but every time they come down 1 shows up in the beginning of the week and takes me out to eat on Monday then the other is down the 2nd half of the week and takes me out on Friday, no problem right? Free meal on the company account listening to nothing but business talk from one and New England politics from the other...and both time...again....Olive Garden. I use to like the place, it's expensive, good food, somewhere you go for an anniversary or birthday or something like that. Definaly not somewhere you want to eat 2 times in a week every 3 months. Hell take me to Chilis or Benagens...somewhere like that....hell I'd be happy with the little sandwich shop that's in the strip mall on the other side of the railroad instead by the time the visits are over I'm running downstairs to the outside bathroom only to be kind to my co-workers, all due to 'too much rich food'.

Oops seems like I'm going a bit overboard with the complaints here....I'd better cut this off now before anything else pops into mind....

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