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Still at a loss

Well the week is now half over and once again it doesn't look like I'll be updating soon. This really sucks, I know what the story is suppose to do next but I just cant get it onto paper. I have written and rewritten the chapter time and time again and it just doesn't look right, to me it keeps coming out quite angsty and that's not what it's suppose to do. Believe it or not Collision was suppose to be a small 8-12 chapter story written in no time with no angst what-so-ever. Arrrggghhh!
Well I have 3 days left and hopefully it will come to me soon. We'll see.

On other news, this morning TLC posted some scans of trading cards that are on the market now....this one is really the only one that I was interested in so I thought I'd share. Hope you like...

here's another pic I found.....don't remember where though...go figure.

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