Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Im 20% prep, 10%Gangster, 30% emo, 20% jock, 70% Redneck

[] You own something from aeropostale
[] You own somthing from hollister
[] You own somthing from american eagle
[] You own somthing from abercromie
[x] You have blonde or brown hair
[) you've been called a prep
[] You have converse
[] you wear ballet flats
[x] You dont play sports
[] You straighten your hair
Total 2
Multiply by 10:

[] You have Bapes
[] You know the song "Thizzle dance"
[] You listen to mac dre
[] You usually wear jerseys
[] You've held a real gun
[] You wear nikes
[] You play basketball or football
[x] You never wear pink
[] You've been called a gangster
[] You listen to gang related music
Total: 1
Multiply by 10

[x] You've worn black nail polish
[] You used to cut your wrists
[] You still cut your wrist
[x] You like "my chemical romance"
[] You wear black eyeliner
[] You have no friends
[x] You usually wear black
[] You've been called emo
[] You Have black hair
[] You rarely talk
[]You sit in corners
Total: 3
Multiply by 10:

[] You have at least 5 medals
[] You have at least 2 trophies
[] You have at least 4 jerseys
[] You watch NBA playoffs
[x] You have had practice almost everyday
[X] You played on a team
[] You've been called a jock
[]You have been told you're good at a sport
[] You've played in at least 7 tournaments
[] You've coached young kids in a sport
Total: 2
Multiply by 10

[x]You live in the south
[x]You have riden a horse
[x]You know what chaps are
[x]you listen to Alabama
[]You proud to be southern
[]you own a rebel flag anything?
[]People say you have a country accent
[x] You've gone mudd boggin
[x]You own a dodge, ford, chevy or Jeep Wrangler
[x]You always were blue jeans
[]People make fun of the way you say things
[]You have ridden a cow before
Total: 7
Multiply by 10

repost as
" Im % prep,%Gangster, % emo, % jock, % Redneck
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