Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Sweet Sweeney update

Not to long ago I posted about Sweeney Todd being made into a movie directed by Tim Burton. Even with all the arguing thats going on over at IMDB in regards to whether or not Johnny Depp can carry a tune and due the leading role justice, I'm still looking forward to it...and it seems they have continued to announce some more cast members.

We all know about...
Johnny Depp, Alan Rickman, and Helena Bonham-Carter being in it and I remember mentioning the French driver from Talladega Nights who's name I couldn't remember at the's actually Sacha Baron Cohen.

Now for the cast list update....
Anthony Head - just has his name with no specific character listed for him. Probably going to be one of Todd's customers.....crap. Oh well, hey could also be the guy in charge for the insane asslyum.
Laura Michelle Kelly - Lucy. I don't believe I know who she is but as long as she can pull off the small role, not a prob.
and finally another Potter actor~!
Timothy Spall - Beadle Bamford. Ok I can definately see him following Snape around, that's perfect BUT if memory serves me well (and I watched my copy of the original musical not to long ago) this is a high tenor part....Can he pull that off? I've never heard him sing before.

There are a few major roles left that I'm wondering who they're going to get to fill....

Johanna (Judge Turpin's ward that he want to marry)
Anthony (Johanna's admirer)
Hey wait a sec....1 girl 2 boys still to fill and all a generation younger than the characters already cast.....let's just say to hell with it and throw 'the trio' in there!

I'm kidding...stop throwing things at me!

There's also the guy in charge of the asslym (forgot the character's name...shame on me)
The bird seller (but I did hear rumor that this part was being removed....good can't stand the high soprano notes that were in the original)

Ok, my brain hurts now.....time to move onto more surfing.
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