Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

What ever happened to respect or even common courtesy

For the past 15 years I've lived by the rule "Never allow friends to become roomates" because back when Tony's dad and I were married we shared apartments with different friends who after awhile we could care less about ever seeing again.

I did good, for 15 years I followed that rule....for 15 years I didn't once have a friend that I could care less if I ever saw again or not. Then what happens???? Some friends loose their home and need a place to stay only until they can save up enough for somewhere else. Yes I was an idiot by opening my home to them....afterall these are the same friends that still owe me $700 from almost 3 years ago.

Since they moved the first week they accidently broke a wooden door to my entertainment center in half and cut the outside cable wire that went to my bedroom. Apologies were made the moment I got home, time went on...those things were fixed and they took over my home. The bugs returned, food was left out on the counters and the kitchen floor, grease on the oventop left behind, and toys left all over my living room along with little pieces of paper that had been torn up.

One day just a few weeks ago I move my coffee table to vacumn the little paper trash off the living room even though other than walking through it to get to my room before and after work, I had not been in it, when suddenly the leg to the coffee table falls off and onto my foot. Now the table is of course a wooden rectangle table with 2 legs on on each end that are just a tad bit shorter than the width of the if you slide it from side to side (longways) it weakens the legs if not breaks them. That's the only explanation on how this table leg could have been broken off. Was there an apology? nope.....In fact nothing was even said to me....they just lifted up the end of the table and stuck it under there as if nothing ever happened. And yes I blew up....Oh I was furious....What was even worse was the response I got...."I don't see why you're so upset, it can be fixed". THAT'S NOT THE FRELLLIN POINT!!!!!!

Ok they glued and screwed it back together.....and then finally put the door back on my entertainment center after it being off of it for 4 months. (about damn time)

Better news....they now have their own place. I went to work this morning, everything was fine, nothing else broken, and they were packing up their vehicles.

I got home, driveway empty (YEAH), house empty (YEAH YEAH!!!), lock the door, turn to hang my keys on the horn of a buffalo skull that hangs on the wall next to my front door.....ummm, where is it? So I figure they maybe packed it by mistake.

Go upstairs with the broom to close all the vents again so my electric bill will once again go down. Bathroom, room the daughter & grandson used, loft, then onto Tony's old room. Open door, turn on light and there....on Tony's table is my buffalo skull in pieces.

Can you guess how I feel?

Do you think I'll ever help them in any way shape or form again?

Guess who doesn't give a flying elephant fart if they see this or not.

Finally guess who wants their Frellin $700 by the end of next week.

Other news....I was left speechless today. Gina called....seems Fire has taken up a new way of earning money in school.

Dressing in baby blue tank tops that only go down to his belly, compleate with ruffles and pretty pink flowers on them.....all day at school and the pep rally like that for a mere $20.

Gina's daughter has a pic of it on her cell phone....I WANT IT!!!!....mwa-ha-ha
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