Demonic Angel (onedemonicangel) wrote,
Demonic Angel

Yep, today I'm a whole year older....yeah! Yea so it's just a number but, it's also a reason to party and we could all use those....especially since the party is for you and you are expected to get totally out of control.

One thing I'm not too happy about is Michelle and I agreed a few months back not to invite just anyone from work to the parties anymore....keep it to the regular fun loving few and our own non-work friends. Well she informed me yesterday that there's about 6 people she's gone ahead and invited just because they were in the smoking area at work. Not to mention she also invited a former co-worker of ours , Sheila. I love Sheila like the cool mom I never had BUT, (yes that is a big but) the last time she showed up she not only brought with her that don't work, spend all day in bars, and SMELL, also she got into a fight with our friend and waitress, L.., over her tab she tried skipping out on. There's few people at work who know how I get when I get drunk and I'd like to keep it that way....I don't know these other people all that well and we don't know if they're going to be ones to start rumors or go talking on Monday about what they think they saw. Yes this has happened to us before and we wound up loosing a supervisor over it....Not good. Oh well, what's done is done and we'll have to wait to see who and what shows up.

Another reason I wanted to keep this limited to a semi-small group, Michelle and I have always talked about getting hats for some major party that had condoms hanging from them....Well that's sorta the case. I have over 120 condoms that my niece received from the health department and doesn't need so, I went and picked up some hawiian lei's and going to attach the condoms to them. I know it's corney but it's not like I'm going to be able to use all of them before they expire, besides it's good clean fun....literally.

Well that's about it....yes I am going to have my camera there so there will be pics....just only some of the less imbarrasing ones will be posted at different sites.
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