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No luck on finding the idiot who hit my friend's bike the other night. I tried talking to him earlier today to see if he filed a report or anything....unfortuantley all I got back was, "Still have temporary company. Can't talk"

When he told me she was going to stay the night at his house, I told him he'd get lucky and he responded with 'You know I'm not like that'. She gave that tearful "I think someone put something in my drink" excuse that soon disappeared when she found out I had really been through that before. In all reality I think she saw a possible meal ticket in him.

Come on now....don't you think late 40s - early 50s (really any age) is too old to have the WannaBe!ParisHilton / Stupid Girl attitude? No guy is worth acting like that over.

My only response to him was "Be careful and watch yourself". I doubt he even paid attention to that message...he hasn't been online all night even though his own company requires him to be. I really do hope I'm wrong about her, I'd hate to see him get taken for a ride.
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