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I am so pissed!!!!!
I'm currently talking to my sister online and she just now informs me that there were tickets for sale today for $9.50 each to see Alabama's farewell concert here in Jax. She didn't think I would want to go was her reasoning. So what if it was in the nose-bleed section. It's ALABAMA....shit! One of the very few country bands I actually like. SHIT!
Well gotta go......have to get the next chapt of Collisions written and try to take my mind off the idea that she never said boo about it until now when it's what...2300. ARGH!
On for some good news....there are some more new pics of POA floating around and I have them (mwahaha!) what's even better is that 7 of them are of Remus :) here's a sample of one of them....he looks so sad how can you not want to hold him....

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