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Demonic Angel
22 September 1967
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Who else is love?
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I'm a 38 yr old divorced mother of a teenage boy, whose career is National Account Customer Service Rep. for a nationwide trucking company. In otherwords I work with only 2 major accounts; Home Depot (currently our 2nd largest customer) along with the New England Geographical territory, and the stress can be unbearable at times. But hey it's an income for something I am quite good at. Bedazzling people with bull shit. Not to bad for someone who has never worked in an office before and 6 years ago was working at McDonalds.
I enjoy reading and writing HP fanfiction and exploring the HP fandom. Some of you may have seen me around Nimbus 2003 that was in Orlando, Convention Alley in Ottawa, Canada 2004, or The Witching Hour in Salem, Mass 2005. At this point in time I highly doubt I'll be at Lumos in Las Vegas next year, for I need to take care of somethings around the house with my next tax return. My favorite characters are Snape and Lupin.

Outside work, my child, and the fandom I enjoy spending my time camping, walking through the woods (not hiking....just leasurly), bowling, and going up to the Pub with some friends. Yes I know I said 'pub'...and yes I'm in Florida but, the name of the place is 'The Pub'. Anyone over the age of 30 (too old for the club scene) who lives or works in the Mandrin area knows of this place. Good for cheap beer, darts, pool, and a few off the wall people who can be abit loud sometimes....but hell, at least you can hear the person next to you talking without making them yell.

i'm in slytherin!

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